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The Power to Act Faster

CCG builds precision oncology solutions for all patients. Our technology can detect relapse earlier than standard of care, predict response to therapy more accurately & reduce ineffective treatment regimens. We give your oncologist the head start they need to stay ahead of an evolving tumor.

Ultimately, we will ensure that each patient has the right treatment, at the right time, to beat their cancer.

The Precision Oncology Platform

Powering access to precision oncology for all patients, enabling
every oncologist to become a molecular oncologist, and maximizing treatment effectiveness in clinical trials & routine practice.

Our Research

At CCG, we believe that increasing amounts of clinical and genomic data have the potential to enable oncologists to make smarter decisions about which drug to use in which circumstance. To power our analytics, we carry out research at the cutting edge of machine learning and cancer genomics. Find out about our latest projects, how to collaborate with us, or request access to some of our open-source tools here.


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