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Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG) is a Y Combinator backed healthtech startup building tools to enable oncologists to make the best therapeutic decisions for their patients.
Our Mission

Transforming the way cancer patients are treated, using artificial intelligence

Currently, cancer therapy is a “one-size-fits-all” process for the majority of patients, and only the very rich have access to truly personalized, or precision, oncology. Despite all the recent breakthroughs in cancer treatment, the reality is that first line therapy still fails for 2 out of 3 cancer patients and it can take up to 6 months to realize when a drug isn’t working.

CCG is using blood draws to guide smarter cancer therapy & shorten the time required to know whether treatment is working or not. This gives a clinician more time to alter treatment and reduce unnecessary side effects experienced by the patient.

Through simple blood draws, CCG can also identify relapse an average of 7 months earlier than standard practice. Over time, this continuous monitoring of treatment effectiveness will power better predictions of the best therapeutic strategy.

At CCG, our mission is to use advances in machine learning, AI and big data analysis to power a new type of cancer treatment regimen. Ultimately, we will ensure that each patient has the right treatment to beat their cancer.


Join our growing team

We are expanding our team in Cambridge, UK; offering a fantastic opportunity for dedicated individuals who are comfortable in a high-work high-reward environment, and who are enthusiastic for a dynamic and varied role.

We are looking for people who fit well into our team and company culture, and who like to overcome challenges and drive the business forward. In exchange, we offer a competitive salary with generous stock options, alongside excellent career development opportunities in a fast-growing start-up with a chance to truly impact how cancer is treated.

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CCG is actively engaging in partnerships with cancer clinics, academic institutes, biotech startups, and pharmaceutical companies. Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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