Meet the Team

John Cassidy

Co-Founder & CEO

John has a background in cancer research in both academia (Cancer Research UK, University of Glasgow, and University of Cambridge) and pharma (MedImmune). His PhD at the University of Cambridge focused on understanding how tumors become resistant to therapy. He also has experience with multiple start-ups.

Harry Clifford

Co-Founder & CTO

Harry leads the development of CCG’s AI tech, cloud architecture, and tumor analysis pipelines. He has a background in cancer bioinformatics, completing his PhD at the University of Oxford and first postdoc at the University of Cambridge with Cancer Research UK. He also brings corporate experience in identifying and developing biomarker-based medical diagnostics.

Evaline Tsai

Co-Founder & CPO

Evaline oversees the design and delivery of services to cancer care providers and biopharmaceutical customers. She holds a BSE in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University. Evaline has corporate experience in the petrochemical industry as a process engineer at ExxonMobil and consulting experience within the biotech and nonprofit sectors. She has further experience with engineering and biotechnology through her PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Nirmesh Patel

Co-Founder & CSO

Nirmesh spearheads the clinical research and establishes experimental developments at CCG, sitting at the interface between clinical collaborators and the lab. He brings a deep understanding of the clinical applications of cancer biology, with a background in translational cancer medicine and novel therapeutic development through his PhD at King’s College London and the Institute of Cancer Research.

Hannah Thompson

Chief of Staff

Hannah is a translational cancer biologist. She has a pharmacology masters degree which included a year of drug discovery with MedImmune and a PhD on the link between type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer from QMUL. Hannah is passionate about transforming clinical cancer care and will be using her colorectal cancer expertise to help us deliver our product.

Emil Hewage

Founding Advisor

Emil is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Alchera Technologies with an academic background as a PhD researcher in computational neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. He has extensive knowledge in developing and marketing medical devices and has held roles in finance and numerous technology startups.

Geoffroy Duborg-Felonneau

Machine Learning Engineer

Geoffroy is an ML and AI lover. He is a full-stack engineer with experience in deep neural networks and cloud computing architecture. He has prior experience in the Silicon Valley start-up scene, and is now turning his attention to revolutionising cancer genomics.

Henry Farmery

Computational Biologist

Henry is a computational biologist with an interest in solving hard problems using cool algorithms. Before joining CCG, Henry completed a PhD in Computational Biology at the University of Cambridge. As part of his PhD he developed a novel method to estimate telomere length in cancer data. At CCG Henry is focused on developing algorithms to assist the detection cancer relapse and building the analysis architecture.

Fergal Cotter

Machine Learning Researcher

Fergal is using ML to understand the attributes underlying cancer relapse. Fergal’s ML experience comes through his PhD in the Signal Processing group at the University of Cambridge, where he is looking at improving the understanding and performance of convolutional neural networks by applying signal processing methods. He has prior industry experience in Automation and Control and likes to spend time outside his PhD looking at applying ML in fun, different and/or useful ways.

Joe Sneath Thompson


Joe has a masters in Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge. He also has experience in working with NGS data in the hospital and start-up setting. He uses his skills to maintain our variant calling pipelines.

Harry Dobson

Software Engineer

Harry is passionate about the application of engineering for data science data visualisation in medicine. He has previous experience with start-ups and uses his skills to help CCG develop their software.

Belle Taylor

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Belle is a talented science communicator and loves nothing more than conversing about science and its potential. She has a Masters degree in Chemistry from University College London, where she also carried out her PhD in Physical Chemistry. At CCG she uses her skills to develop partnerships and strategic alliances with interested parties all over the world as well as helping out with CCG’s public engagement strategy.

Olivia Edwards

Business Development Manager

Olivia has a masters in bioscience enterprise from the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about innovation, start-ups and making an impact in healthcare. Olivia is helping us to develop and maintain partnerships.

Sam Frost

Designer & Front-end Engineer

Sam is an experienced designer and developer. At CCG he is focusing on shaping the front-end user interface of our software.

Chris Parsons

Machine Learning Researcher

Joan Tanous

Administrative Coordinator

Dàmi Rebergen

Bioinformatics Intern

Dàmi has a degree in biotechnology and is currently completing a masters degree in bioinformatics, from Wageningen University & Research. He is carrying out an internship at CCG as part of his masters.

Charis Apostolidis

Data Science Intern

Charis has a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Cardiff University. He joins CCG as a Data Science Intern.

Peter O'Donovan

Bioinformatics Intern

Peter has a degree in Genetics from Trinity College Dublin. He joins us as a Bioinformatics intern.

Jacob Bradley

Computational Biology Intern

Jacob has a degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge and is studying for a masters in Systems Biology. He is using his computational and scientific background to help CCG with their research and development.

Want to join our team?

We are always interested in prospective applications from those enthusiastic about transforming cancer care through machine learning.