Dr. Gianmarco Contino joins CCG.ai

November 1, 2019

Dr. Gianmarco Contino joins Cambridge Cancer Genomics as Senior Translational Oncology Fellow

Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG.ai) welcomes Dr. Gianmarco Contino onto the team as Senior Translational Oncology Fellow. Gianmarco is a surgical oncologist and translational scientist who brings years of expertise in cancer genomic medicine and molecular biology.

Gianmarco has extensive experience working at the interface of biology and the clinic, facilitating the development of new discoveries into benefits for patients. He is the perfect person to help develop CCG.ai’s technologies and partnerships, and get our clinical prediction tools into the hands of those who need it the most. 

Gianmarco Contino commented: “CCG is accelerating the advent of precision medicine for cancer patients bringing together high throughput sequencing data and machine learning, two major revolutions of our times. As a cancer doctor and scientist this is a fantastic opportunity to fast-track smarter treatment to our patients.”

Dr. Contino has recently been appointed a Clinical Senior Lecturer of Cancer Genomic Medicine and Upper GI Surgery Consultant at the University of Birmingham and will work alongside these roles at CCG.ai. Previously, he was a Clinical lecturer at the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He trained as a surgical oncologist and translational scientist in several institutions including the European Institute of Oncology (Milan), Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital (Boston), University of Illinois at Chicago and Imperial College (London).

John Cassidy, CEO at Cambridge Cancer Genomics said: “We are thrilled to welcome Dr Contino onto the team at CCG.ai. Gianmarco brings a wealth of experience in the translation of biological technologies to patients. His experience and guidance will add great value to the team we are building at CCG.ai.” 

About Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG.ai) is a Y combinator backed startup, building the software to enable data-driven precision oncology. Their precision AI platform, OncOS, enables oncologists to provide more effective, personalised cancer treatment for everyone. CCG.ai’s technology analyses and interprets DNA from a cancer patient, providing genomic insights into individual tumours as they change and grow; gives actionable insights into therapeutic effectiveness; and delivers personalised treatment and trial recommendations. CCG.ai are on a mission to ensure that each patient has the right treatment, at the right time, to beat their cancer. 

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