The Precision Oncology Platform

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Everything a clinician needs for precision oncology, in one interface.

Genomic findings

High accuracy variant calling with detailed reporting on mutations found in each sample.

Clinical Trial matching

Patients are matched with trials that are seeking specific molecular profiles.


Reporting on Micro-satellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB).

Personalized treatments

Chosen from a range of molecularly targeted FDA-approved, off label, or experimental therapies.

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Features include…

AI-powered genomic insights

High accuracy variant calling

Desktop app for bulk uploading

Scalable analytics

Tumor Mutational Burden status

Quick data to insight turnaround

Compatibility with all NGS assays

Genomically matched therapies

For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostics procedures. OncOS results should not be used to inform clinical care without verification using an independent assay performed in an accredited laboratory.