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Neural-network Evaluation of Tumor Variants

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96% accuracy in variant calls from ground truth dataset. Early results published here.


SomaticNET is shared freely on a non-commercial license. Request access from this page.


Call somatic variants in cancer DNA at extreme accuracy.


Create a mutation caller building on Google's DeepVariant, but with an entirely new architecture for cancer samples.

Interlacing Personal and Reference Genomes for Machine Learning Disease-Variant Detection

Variants in DNA underlie traits inherited from our parents, define the difference between two individuals of the same species and are the root cause of diseases such as cancer. Analysis of these variants enables the identification of potentially fatal diseases and conditions. Variant detection is the foundation of targeted cancer therapy and personalized medicine. If we get variant detection wrong, then the drugs we choose could be wrong, and patients may suffer. In this paper, CCG has developed a new class of variant detection algorithm, based on computer vision. In benchmark tests with ground truth datasets, our software already outperforms those developed by Google and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Our tool is available for free, for non-commercial use.

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